Sports and Clubs

A Message from the WMS Athletic Director

Dear supporters of Willowbrook Middle School & the Prairie Hill District Community:

Welcome to the athletic department section of our web page!

Willowbrook Middle School is fortunate indeed! We are blessed with some fantastic coaches, programs and student athletes. When you compile this with a supportive community it is a formula for success.

Our History: Do you realize that it was over 6o years ago (1949) that the one room schools, here in northern Winnebago County, named Nichols, Hayward and White decided to consolidate into one? Three years later it became a reality, but due to the building of the I-90 Tollway the original school needed to be moved. The new school named Prairie Hill was opened in 1959. Prairie Hill School, the cornerstone of our district, is now over 50 years old! In 2009 Prairie Hill School went from a kindergarten through 8th grade building to a K-4th grade with the creation of Willowbrook Middle School (5th-8th grades). In over 150 years our district has gone from several one-room schools to a two-school district!

As a member of the Northern Conference, Willowbrook Middle School gives its students many opportunities to compete athletically in the sports program. We offer girls volleyball, soccer (boys & girls), cheerleading, poms, boys and girls basketball and track. From the grassy fields of soccer to the shine of our wood floor our sights are set high!

If you are a member of the community, a Past Prairie Hill or Willowbrook team member, or an interested sport enthusiast we would love to have you come see us. We promise our teams and players will sweat, compete and push to do their best as they learn how to personify what it takes to be a team player.

From Willowbrook Middle School (on the eastside of I-90 under the shadow of the Hill),

Michael Rhines, WMS Athletic Director

WMS Extracurriculars Handbook 20-21 (Edited for website).docx

Sports (6th-8th Grade)

Boys Varsity Basketball

Coach: TBD

Boys Junior Varsity Basketball

Coach: Mike Gilbertson (Email)

Please click here for the boys basketball rosters.

Co-Ed Track & Field

Coaches: Doug Elfstrom (Email), Jessica Vallette (Email), and Andy Valentine (Email)

All students in grades 6, 7, and 8 may participate without try-outs. The season runs from mid-March to mid-May.

Track and Field do not currently offer a summer camp.

Co-Ed Junior Varsity Soccer

Coach: Marco Ruiz (Email)

Co-Ed Varsity Soccer

Coach: Juanita Delgado (Email)

Girls Cheerleading

Coach: Jenessa Fiduccia (Email)

Girls in grades 5, 6, and 7 may try-out in April/May for the upcoming fall season. Practices begin in September and the girls perform throughout the Boys Basketball season, which ends in mid-December.

A summer Cheerleading camp is held in July for girls who make the squad.

Girls Varsity Basketball

Coach: Mike Rhines (Email)

Try-Outs are generally held in the first week of December and the season ends in late February. 6th - 8th grade Girls can participate.

Girls Junior Varsity Basketball

Coach: TBD

Try-Outs are generally held in the first week of December and the season ends in late February. 6th - 7th grade Girls can participate.

Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball

Coach: Bailey Craig (Email)

The volleyball season runs from August through October. Volleyball camp is held in early August and tryouts are conducted in mid-August.

Girls Varsity Volleyball

Coach: Sara Willert (Email)

The volleyball season runs from August through October. Volleyball camp is held in early August and tryouts are conducted in mid-August.


Coaches: Kim Hatfield (Email)

Try-outs are held in April of the year preceding their season. The season runs from October to the end of Boy’s basketball, which is late December or early January. Girls in grades 6, 7 and 8 may participate.

A summer Dance camp is held in August for girls already on the team.


The Happy Palette (7/8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Chris Kerska

The Happy Palette Painting Club is a new club at WMS open to 7th and 8th graders. Every month we will be using acrylic paints on canvas to create our very own masterpiece that we get to keep! The cost is $25 per year for supplies. We will meet on the 1st and 2nd Thursday of each month from 2:30-3:45 in the artroom. Our first meeting is Oct. 5. Sign up is in the office.

Baking Club (5-8th)

Coordinators: Mrs. Marcie Ball (Email), Mrs. Lisa Willett (Email), and Mrs. Kris DalSanto (Email)

Do you enjoy making yummy treats? Do you feel at home in the kitchen? Baking Club is a great way to "mix it up" with your friends. We will meet after school every other Wednesday from 2:30-3:45. In baking club, we will learn about how to make delicious treats to share with our families and community members. There is a $30 fee to be involved in the baking club. This cost includes a "Baking Club" t-shirt, all baking items/supplies, ingredients, etc. Come on out and join in the fun!

Band (5-8th)

Band Director: Mr. Andrew Westgate (Email)

WMS offers band to 5th-8th grade students of all musical and non-musical backgrounds. Every year, the band performs at the Roscoe Fall Festival Parade, Fall Concert, Winter Concert, the Java Jam Fundraiser, Spring Concert, and the 8th grade Promotion Ceremony. Students register for band as a regular class period that meets every day during school. Band is an excellent way to develop as a musician and a well-rounded person, and typically leads to strengthened leadership skills, self-confidence, discipline, and a close group of friends to rely on. Extracurricular activities are also offered such as Pep Band and Jazz Band. Students receive group lessons each week as a part of the class, and are expected to practice at least 15 minutes a day!

Chess (5-8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Laurie Dixon (Email)

Chess club is open to all 5th - 8th grade students! You do not need to be a chess mastermind to join; students of all skill levels are welcome! In this club, you will learn the names of the chess pieces, where the pieces are allowed to move, and other tips and strategies. You will then get to put your skills to the test and face off with other students. We meet every other Tuesday in Ms. Mayer's classroom. Feel free to come to any of the meetings. If you are in sport for a season, please join us when you're season ends. See you there!

Choir (5-8th)

Choir Director: Mrs. Hayley Gotzsche (Email)

For those of you who love to sing, you can join the chorus! 5th grade chorus is an after school/morning activity that meets once a week and has various performing opportunities. 6th-8th graders sign up for chorus as a class, and perform in the Fall Concert, Winter Concert, Java Jam Fundraiser, Spring Concert, and 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. Contact Mrs. Julian for more information about chorus!

Forensics Club (6-8th)

Coach: Ms. Bailey Craig (Email)

Do you talk "pretty?" Do you enjoy acting? Do you do any amazing accents? Then the forensics team is for you! Forensics is a speech and acting team in which you choose from a wide variety of categories to participate in, from storytelling and group acting to poetry and informative speeches!

There is something for everyone and it is an excellent chance to gain confidence in your public speaking skills while having a great time! We meet twice a week starting the end of October and go through February. We compete in several meets throughout the competition season as well as host a Speeches and Slushies evening! We are easily able to work around most other curricular activities, so come check us out!

Math Team (6-8th)

Coach: Mrs. Kim Hatfield (Email)

Students in 7th-8th grade may try out to become members of the Math Team. The top ten “mathletes” will be chosen to become members!

The team attends one competition, which is the Mathcounts Regional Competition, at Rock Valley College in February. The math team starts meeting in September on Fridays and continues until after the competition. If you love math, come try out!

Quiz Bowl (7/8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Kim Hatfield (Email)

7th and 8th grade students who love trivia should try out for the WMS Quiz Bowl Team. Tryouts take place just before winter break and the season runs until spring break. In addition to the WMS Team, the quiz bowl conference includes 2 teams from Roscoe, 2 teams from Stephen Mack and a team from South Beloit. So if you're interested in being a part of the WMS Quiz Bowl Team, then "buzz in" for some trivia fun! Please contact Coach Stallman if you have any questions.

Servo Terra Environmental Club (5-8th)

Directors: Mr. Mike Rhines (Email) and Mrs. Cindy Froman (Email)

One of our largest, most popular clubs at WMS is Servo Terra- our Environmental Club. Students in 5th-8th grade are welcome to join! Outdoor activities of all kinds take place, with an emphasis on responsible stewardship of natural resources. There is also a summer environmental camp offered.

Spanish Club (5-8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Laurie Dixon (Email)

Spanish club is open to 5th-8th grade students. In this club, we explore the culture of Spanish-speaking countries. We build our own Mayan and Aztec pyramids, create beautiful papel picados and worry dolls, study numerous holiday traditions and customs, play Spanish instruments, sing Spanish songs, and, of course, sample authentic Spanish food! Join this club to learn more about this fascinating culture! Spanish Club meets every other Thursday in Mrs. Dixon's room.

Student Council (5-8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Kelli Houghton (Email)

The WMS Student Council is a group of eager students who are willing to help make a difference in the school community. The Student Council consists of four officers; President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two homeroom representatives per class. Together we collaborate twice a month to discuss and plan for the community’s needs, fundraisers, spirit days, and Wolverine events. The WMS Student Council serves as a voice for the student body and helps organize school-wide goals. The overall expectation for a Student Council member is to demonstrate leadership, coordinate extracurricular activities, and help others! Join us!

Theater (5-8th)

Director: Mrs. Hayley Gotzsche (Email) and Assistant Director: Andrew Westgate (Email)

Are you dramatic? Do you love the spotlight? Each year, the theater department produces a show, rotating between a play or a musical. All 6th- 8th grade WMS students are welcome to participate. Try-outs are held during the second semester of the school year, and the play or musical is performed in the spring. Contact Mrs. Gotzsche or Mr. Westgate for more information!

Yearbook (6-8th)

WMS Coordinator: WMS Coordinator: Dani Zoeller (Email) and PHS Coordinator: Kelly Rogers (Email)

During the school year, a chosen panel of 10-12 6th – 8th Grade students compile pictures and information to produce a yearbook distributed in the spring. Students meet to write text, work on layout, and edit photos. Talk to Mrs. Zoeller or Mrs. Rogers if you’d like more information on how you can get involved! The WMS Yearbook Crew meets once a week December - March.

Video Game Club (5th-8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Stephanie Stallman (Email)

Video game club is open to all 5th-8th graders and meets every other Wednesday in Mrs. Stallman's room from 2:30-3:30. Bring your own device or use your chromebook to play games against your friends while enjoying fun treats!

NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month (5-8th)

Coordinator: Mrs. Dani Zoeller (Email)

Do you love to write? Nanowrimo stands for National Novel Writing Month. Nanowrimo is an exciting writing program that takes place throughout the months of October and November where writers endeavor to write a novel in a month! Any age student may participate, and Mrs. Zoeller looks forward to seeing you there!