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Kevin Finnegan

The Sun Always Shines Over Prairie Hill...that’s sort of our mantra here. The message is even stenciled onto the door to my office. It’s not literal, as our early, cold winters have shown lately. It’s more a state of mind. Walk into this building and no matter the temperature outside, there’s a warmth in this building. You’re greeted by the smiling face of Mrs. Passmore in the office and then by every other person you encounter.

Here at PHS, we work hard and play hard. We hope that it’s a fun place to spend the day for students and staff alike. Within that welcoming environment, we are able to get the absolute most from our students.

We take our job seriously around here. Teaching is a profession, not just a job. We are dedicated to the craft and are always looking at how to be better. What we understand at PHS is the greatest growth comes when working collaboratively. When everybody works together for the betterment of students, the growth potential is astronomical.

If you’d like to visit Prairie Hill, I’m happy to show you around. This could be for prospective families or fellow districts. We would love to collaborate with you to make the entire profession a little bit better. Feel free to reach out at 815-389-3301 or



Picture from the opening of our playground at the 2018-2019 Back to School BBQ