Social Studies

Mrs. Amanda Books

Amanda Books graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Plateville in 2007 and got her first teaching job in the Prairie Hill School District. She teaches 6th grade World History, 7th grade World Geography and some in some years a speech class elective. She also coaches the Forensics team and coordinates the Hall of History

Mrs. Stephanie Stallman

Stephanie Stallman graduated from Illinois State University in 2007 and has been teaching and coaching in the Prairie Hill District ever since. She is a very proud history nerd, and even outside of school, she loves reading books about historical topics (especially anything that has to do with Abraham Lincoln) and going to museums. She loves spending time with her husband Matt, daughter Catherine, and son Ian. She also coordinates the Washington D.C. and Springfield trips for the 8th graders.

Mr. Justin Bonne

Justin Bonne is a 5th - 8th grade Physical Education and 6th grade Health teacher. He also coaches soccer, boys basketball, and Co-coordinator of Renaissance.