Principal's Page

Mr. Mike Plourde

We're looking forward to another great year at Willowbrook Middle School! Our staff is very excited for the opportunity to work with your child/children. Personally, I'm honored and humbled to be your new principal. By putting students first, always, I'm committed to fostering an educational environment where all kids can thrive and become independent lifelong learners. If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance, please call us at 815-389-3957.

My Philosophy of Education

All students deserve an equitable education which provides them with the skills and knowledge to enter the workforce and attain a career allowing them to support a family. I believe schooling should consist of a wide variety of experiences which touch different learning modalities and senses. Students should be seen as individuals who have much to contribute to the classroom through their experience, opinions, and abilities.

As an educational leader, I’m committed to keeping the students at the center of everything I do. This requires intentionality and purpose. The way to accomplish this includes mindfulness of practice and metacognition. It’s my job as an educator, in this time, to nurture all aspects of each child as they cannot perform at their best if they have needs go unmet. Children must be honored for their differences, and I accept that each student has a unique life experience which frames their development.

Lastly, I'm willing to adapt and change. Our world is evolving rapidly and so are our students. By modeling continuous learning in my own journey, I'm better prepared to serve this generation of children. I believe they deserve it.

Plourde Principal Entry Plan