English and Reading

Mrs. Kim Andrews

Kim Andrews teaches 6th grade English, 7th grade Advanced Literature, and 5th grade Language Arts. She also supervises Newspaper Club.

Mrs. Kelli Houghton

Kelli Houghton teaches 7th and 8th grade Literature and is also the Student Council Advisor.

Mrs. Laurie Dixon

Laurie Dixon teaches 6th grade Literature, 6th grade Advanced Literature, and 7th - 8th Spanish. She is also the Spanish and Chess Club Advisor.

Mrs. Cindy Rhines

Mrs. Rhines began her teaching career in the PHS District. After taking some time away from the classroom to raise her 2 kids, she is back at WMS teaching 6th and 7th English as well as 7th grade Reading. She also coaches girls' volleyball.

Mrs. Dani Zoeller

Dani Zoeller teaches 7th grade English and 6th grade Reading. She also coordinates Nanowrimo, Newspaper, and Board Game Club.