5th Grade

Mr. Mike Rhines

Mike Rhines began teaching in the fall of 1989 and "Bleeds (PHS/WMS) Blue." He teaches 5th grade Science, Math, and English, while working with an awesome team of teachers. He is also the school's Athletic Director, intramural coordinator, and varsity girls basketball coach, in addition to being the co-leader of the Servo Terra Environmental Club.

Mrs. Jacqui Thompson

Mrs. Thompson started her teaching career here at WMS in 2010. For the last seven years she has taught Reading English, and Math in 5th Grade while working along side her wonderful teammates. On top of sharing her passion for education with students, Thompson has the privilege of coaching both the girls volleyball and basketball teams here at Willowbrook.

Mr. Chuck Leonard

Chuck Leonard began teaching in the fall of 1999 and joined the district as a 4th grade teacher at PHS in 2003. For the past 5 years he has worked with an outstanding team of teachers that have allowed him to share his love of Social Studies and Math with our 5th grade students at WMS. He loves to share his enthusiasm for sports and the outdoors with his students.

Mrs. Kim Andrews

Kim Andrews teaches 6th grade English, 7th grade Advanced Literature, and 5th grade Language Arts. She also supervises Newspaper Club.

Mrs. Sandy Wyatt

Sandy Wyatt teaches third grade at Prairie Hill School. She is certified in Math, Gifted Ed, and ESL and has taught many different subjects and grade levels within the district. She has been happily married for many years and has two daughters; Elyse (project manager in Chicago) and Brittany (attending Architecture Graduate School at UIC in Chicago). She is also the resident Disney aficionado as an Annual Passholder, is "in the know," and loves helping others get the most of their Disney vacation.