Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission: Why do we exist?

Mission statement: Students first, always.


Vision statement: We put students FIRST by establishing the following practices:

  • Four Questions guide our practice:
      1. What do we want students to learn?
      2. How do we know if they’ve learned it?
      3. What do we do if they don’t learn it?
      4. What do we do if students already learned it?
  • Improving and celebrating learning for all.
  • Relationships throughout the community are the foundation for our success.
  • Support student progress continuously.
  • Teams work collaboratively to ensure every student’s success.


  • Collaboratively study, clarify, align and pace power and common standards.
  • Develop and implement teacher-created common formative assessments to monitor and review each student’s learning.
  • Create unique and varied learning strategies to ensure that all students grow.
  • Empower teachers and students to take risks for the purpose of learning and growing.
  • Encourage/celebrate one another to persevere through challenging tasks.
  • Provide and utilize technology to support achievement and engage students.
  • Provide community with resources, strategies, and information to help students succeed.