Viruses can be nothing, but they can also be a huge issue. These are some of the top viruses that your computer can get. This page will tell you a little more about some viruses and how to cure them.

                The Top Ten Computer Viruses

1. The LOVEBUG virus was found in 2000. It is one of the most widespread and rapid virus. It is sent by email posing as an email from your friend’s computer to yours, or the opposite way around.

2. The Stoned computer virus was found in 1987. If you find something on your computer that says “your computer is now stoned” don’t freak out that means you have a computer virus.

3. The ILOVEYOU was detected Thursday (5/04/2000) in Hong Kong. The damage that was done cosseted an estimated amount of 10 billion dollars.

4. The Nimda was found in 2001. Nimda used every possible method to spread and it was very effective doing so. Nimda is known for being one of the fastest widespread viruses ever. Nimda was global in fewer 1 hour.

 5. The Melissa was found in 1999. The Melissa is notable because it is a Word macro virus. It spreads by email like the ILOVEYOU.

6. The Sasser virus was found in 2004. It damaged computers using buffer overload in windows system.

7. The Morris Internet Worm was found in 1988.They call it the grandfather of the computer worms. The worm is known for “accidental” temper. The worm infected the Unix systems.

8. The Creeper was found in 1971. This was known possibly as the first virus ever. It got to computers on ARPANET.

9. The Blaster was found in 2003. The Blaster virus used a windows operating system to go to peoples computers. It let users know it was there by shutting down your system.

10. The SQL Slammer was found in 2003. This was a little tiny virus. But it did a big job by infecting Microsoft’s SQL server.


            Viruses are tiny infections for your computer. A lot of people call them worms. Just because viruses are small doesn’t mean they can’t cause a lot of trouble. According to, computer viruses are a small software program that is designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation.

                 Computer viruses are serious they might delete data on your computer, one virus even deletes all your other viruses then downloads itself. If you plug in your hard drive and your computer has viruses they can delete data on your hard drive. The most common way viruses spread is from emails.

                 To know some of the ways you can detect a virus is your computer will run more slowly than usual. Your computer will freeze often.  Your computer will stop responding to you. Your computer shuts down every few minutes. Your computer restarts on its own. Your applications on your computer do not work correctly. Your computers printer won’t print correctly. Or if you see unusual messages on your computer.




This page will mostly tell you about if you have certain viruses and recommendations to cure them.                                         

 Some Cures for Some Viruses

             If you have the ILOVEYOU virus then I recommend downloading the Firelight virus cure and it will detect all viruses. If you have the LOVEBUG, is pretty much the same thing as the ILOVEYOU just download firelight and it will detect all of your viruses. If you have the Stoned computer virus it will come up “Your computer is now stoned”. Do not freak out it is ok somebody did not hack your computer, it is just a virus and it will be easy to cure. Most people recommend the Stoned Bootkit. If you have the Nimda virus then go to Symatic .com and it will tell you everything you need to know. If you have the Melissa computer virus then you should go to and it will give you your steps and recommendations.


Some of the Other Cures for Common Viruses


* Install an anti-virus program

* Never open attachments from an email that doesn’t have a subject unless you recognize the email address

* Be sure to back up your data regularly

* Only download things from people you know and trust

* Use virus protection

* Only open the emails that you get from people you know



            Thank you for reading my page about computer viruses and cures. I hope they helped you with any troubles you have had on your computer.